www.zomular.com/Pickeled Creek Productions present:

Skip Skiffington "Tribute" cd

Copyriot 2001 MDC


Now available, produced by Count Zee and Richard Christy
this 11 song cd features covers of your favorate Wolf Skipler (Skip Skiffington)
songs by several fabricated cover bands. Available at Springfield, Missouri's
"Stick it in Your Ear" record store or from us.


1) "I'm on Top" - Spanky & Our Gang Bang
2) "Leaders Will Come" - Uncle Mayhem
3) "Pounding Pain" - Skippy Puddy
4) "I'm on Top" - Phantom Power
5) "It's Mine" - Nascar Jesus
6) "Goose 'Em Up" - Cradle of Feltch
7) "Gun to the Head" - Mechanized Gravy
8) "I Am the Cocksman" - Gargamel
9) "I Am the Cocksman" - Sam5
10) "Yes, Mother" - Ernie & the Rebels
11) "Spaceman Rising" - Willie Wardlaw

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